KRIS and WESLEY part 2: In their own words!

Well hopefully you all have seen my Part 1 Blog on the wedding of Kris and Wesley.
If you haven't please see 'DREAMS DO COME TRUE: Meet Kris and Wesley'.

There were so many great photos of their wedding that I couldn't put all of them in one post so when they were gracious enough to write me a review I wanted to share some more photos with it.

Here I am sandwiched between the two handsome grooms.
Yeah, you know the saying.....all the good ones are taken......or gay!!!
Its TRUE!!!!

If I look a little haggered in this pic, I AM!!
I had a bride + 11 for makeup and hair prior to scooting on over to The Wilshire Grande Hotel in West Orange, NJ to get the grooms and their party ready, and this pic was taken after 9 hours on my feet.

And please check out the grooms website...'How To Feed A Loon'

The blog will take you through Kris and Wesley’s adventures in creating and enjoying delicious food. Find scrumptious recipes. Amazing looking food.
Find where to get the coolest ingredients to go into the best dishes. All fit for a Loon!
By the way, Wesley’s last name is Loon.

And be sure to connect with their face book page too
Yummy Yummy Yummy foo that looks incredible and if I ever win The Lottery, this gal...who hates to cook..but LOVES to eat wants to hire Kris.

Now please enjoy some more love thru the eyes,  and read Kris and Wesley's experience with DeeVa Beauty.

In their own words:

"Just because there are two grooms doesn’t mean you don’t need a professional hair and make-up for your wedding. Think about all those pictures without any cover-up! Plus, it makes any women in your wedding party very thankful. Deirdre Mahon from DEEVA Beauty transformed all the women in our wedding party to walking works of art.

Deirdre is so great at what she does. Even before the big day, Deirdre reached out to each of the women to introduce herself and to have a conversation about what each of the ladies were looking for and if there were any special needs required. She even followed up with each of them, giving great tips to follow for the night before and day of the wedding. Who does that?

Deirdre and the lovely Lillian who did the hair for the big day were very professional and extremely adaptable to their surroundings. Our suite which had fabulous natural lighting was perfect for them to perform at their very best. It became a tad bit crowed as the afternoon progressed with all the men and women of the wedding party along with two photographers and two videographers but these two women weren’t faded in the least. Both were so focused at their work, they could have been in the middle of a sharknado and still create the Sistine Chapel of make-up and hair!

After the women were gorgeous, it was the grooms turn. I know, I know…men wearing make-up? Please! Deirdre made us look as natural as coming out of a swimming pool but with absolutely no blemishes. It was awesome! Everyone is nervous about what they look like on their wedding day, men and women, but Deirdre took out her make-up brushes and brushed it all away.

Lastly, we applaud Deirdre’s advocacy of human and animal rights that are as intense as her work. Deirdre gives a percentage of what she makes for every make-up application to protect the abused and abandoned animals of the world.


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