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Someone I know recently made a point that it seems that everyone is jumping on the bandwagon to do ‘boudoir’ photography lately.
I pointed out to him that ‘boudoir’ photography is nothing new…and has been around since the creation of females and the first camera.

Simply put, the female form is beautiful, and photographed the correct way can be nothing short of stunning. 

‘Old Hollywood’ starlets, Betty Page, the pin-up art of Gil Elvgren….these have been around a long time and have inspired us all. 

Remember the famous Rita Hayworth photo? 

If it appears though that more and more photographers are wanting to do ‘boudoir’ shoots it is because there is an increasing demand for it…because it is really, really fun!!

However, though the demand is increasing, not every woman is ready to disrobe and expose more than she is comfortable with. …but yet, still longs to have the experience.

This is where a ‘GLAMOUR’ shoot is a perfect alternative.

How does one choose an accomplished, professional glamour photographer?

One of the most common mistakes is that people believe that if you have an expensive camera that automatically qualifies one as an amazing photographer. 

Many people don’t understand what it takes to move from taking pictures..... to capturing photographic 'art'.

The key items to consider are your personal preferences in photography, your budget, and the professional relationship and comfort level you have (or don’t have) with the photographer.

This comfort level will be very important so make sure you feel a personal connection with your photographer.

But please remember that a warm and fun personality doesn’t make for gorgeous photos. 

Your photographer also has to have good photography and lighting skills.
Has to have an eye for detail and be creative.
Good posing and directing skills, and good skill in communicating these things to you.

Your photographer also has to have good ‘retouching’ skills.

But there is also one other thing that a good ‘boudoir’ or ‘glamour’ photographer must have. … your photographer must understand women, and very important...MUST understand‘glamour’.

Not everyone does.

Enter Marjorie Mazzei Raggo of

Marjorie Mazzei Raggo

Marjorie Mazzei Raggo

Using special lighting techniques, proper posing, and post photography computer work Marjorie knows how to make you look your absolute best...and being a woman herself she understands women. 

Age & body shape are not an issue, Marjorie knows how to disguise your not so favorite parts and highlight the best. 
And in Marjorie's own words....."Photography is my calling. Making women look and feel beautiful is my gift. I want to photograph any woman who has ever looked in the mirror and not felt good about herself. I'm a perfectionist and I wont rest until I get the shot that will make you look at yourself in a whole new way. If that's all you ever know about me, its enough to say you know me very, very well".

Every glamour session is different. 

Some women are looking for a beautiful sophisticated head and shoulders look, others are opting for lingerie portraits for something more romantic, while some women are going for a modern black & white artistic look.  

These options are all available for you. 

Whatever YOUR personality. Whatever YOUR comfort level. Whatever YOUR 'style'
you will be assured to have fun and see yourself transformed. 

If you’re not sure why not choose a combination of styles for your shoot. 

You are also transformed with the help of DeeVa Beauty into feeling and looking

As well as Makeup and Hair we even offer help with accessories and help in styling your best outfits.
Champagne/ wine/ snacks and music are provided.

Check out some of Marjorie's most recent photos of a professional couple we know, Ferlie Almonte and Christine Cipriano.
A lovely couple celebrating their love and the new Supreme Court victory for same sex marriage.
This is just a 'teaser' ...more great pics to come in a follow up blog of my experiences of shooting with Marjorie.

Ferlie Almonte and Christine Cipriano

Ferlie Almonte and Christine Cipriano

Christine Cipriano and Ferlie Almonte

Christine Cipriano and Ferlie Almonte

Christine Cipriano and Ferlie Almonte

Christine Cipriano and Ferlie Almonte

You’ll have a great time being fussed over and most women are so surprised at how comfortable they felt. Actually, the hardest part of the experience will be choosing your images because you’ll be amazed at how fabulous you look!

Why not spoil yourself or someone you care about? 

It’s more affordable than you think.

Glamour portraits can be great as a confidence boost, a romantic gift, or use as a gift voucher to give to a partner, best friend, or a family member.  

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Give a call today to discuss how to .......
"Feel like a supermodel for a day .......Be empowered for a lifetime." (~Deirdre Mahon)

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