She left Beauty where ever she went
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I am also available for
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Deeva and Lily, my two rescued poodles

Deeva and Lily, my two rescued poodles

I have always been fascinated with beauty, glamour and makeup.
Growing up I watched in fascination as my mother put on her 'face'.
The way she applied her mascara and put on her lipstick intrigued me.
I noticed that on those days that she put on her makeup, she was happier and felt better about herself. Her positive energy made for a better day for all.

I wasn't totally aware of it yet, but even then, somewhere in my young subconscious mind I knew the truth - that "beauty has the power to "lift the soul."

I was also raised on all the Old Hollywood movie starlets and am a huge fan of the provocative ‘pin-ups’. 
The glamour, the subtle seductiveness - I loved the power these screen vixens had.

After getting my cosmeticians license and freelancing for Lancôme, Lauder and a few other prestigious cosmetic companies, I wanted to fulfill my entrepreneurial spirit and achieve my dream of starting my own company to help women bring back the class, style, and glamour in beauty that you just don't see any more.
A 'glamour connoisseur if you will...a glamour 'specialist'.

DeeVa Beauty Makeup Services was born.

I am the 'Dee' in DeeVa Beauty, and ‘specialize ‘in flawless skin, smoldering eyes, and shimmering lips, and the one to go to if you want to look 'glamorous' but still classy. 

I’m a true 'girlie-girl', and believe high heels, pearls, dressing up, and champagne for every occasion is a good thing......but please, I dont always look this glamorous.
There is another side to me that loves to hang out on the couch with my two poodles in old sweats and over indulge on potato chips while watching favorite movies and TV shows.
My thighs dont appreciate the chips but my poodles sure do!!

So what sets me apart from other makeup artists?
There are so many 'skilled' artists out there, so what makes me different?
My personality is fun, approachable, and nurturing, and I stay steady in a time of chaos and stress. A bride once referred to me as a 'calming soul'.
I am also extremely dependable, highly organized, and have excellent communication skills.

So what does this all mean to YOU???
I'm personable, professional, truly understand customer service and communicating promptly and efficiently with my clients and brides, and will show up on time...ALWAYS!!

But more importantly, I listen to what you want.
I dont just do your makeup, I'm your therapist too ...I listen to your insecurities and fears, and make you look good so you feel good.

I also love animals…..ALL ANIMALS… and dream of having an animal sanctuary.
If I wasn’t making women look gorgeous I would be out saving animals all day.

And so it is also the purpose of DeeVa Beauty to 'give back' and help the abused and abandoned animals of the world.

Why should you choose DeeVa Beauty?

I am an established and respected makeup artist, and along with my team have an excellent reputation among NJ area's wedding venues, planners, and photographers, and there is nothing better for me than making you beam with excitement over how you look on your day.
To be asked to be a part of such an important day of someone’s life is a compliment and truly an honor, and one I take seriously.

I have a sincere love for truly helping women of all ages look and feel fabulous so they have the confidence..... and are EMPOWERED.... to go forth and secure their dreams and conquer the world........I just believe you should do it with a smokey eye and pouty lip. (wink)

I WANT YOU TO SHINE, and will always tell a woman to never forget to have FUN, FLIRT, and BE FABULOUS!!

So if you LOVE glamour, want to be the center of attention, and are passionate about animals...then we need to talk!!!